Ullu Application No1 Best App for Download

Ullu Application No1 Best App for Download

 Application No1 Best App for Download


Ullu Application No1 Best App for Download for entertainment. However it is to be kept in mind that this application is not suitable for kids. However safety may be applied to keep unwanted contents out of children reach. But can’t say this how much is useful. You must be careful if you download this application in your phone. You have to keep this application lock to avoid children reach. You have to take precautions while watching content if you leave in family where especially father, mother, brother or your sister leaves.

Ullu Application No1 Best App for Download
Ullu Application No1 Best App for Download

Ullu Application have been downloaded more than millions times on play Store. People do like this application for entertainment purposes. If you are in search of better entertainment 8n lower price then you should also go for it.


Ullu Application have many best webseries which makes it unique from others plateform. If you wish to see something that is different, you must go to Play Store and search for Ullu Application. This application is best for entertainment and full of entertainment which will bring you seamless enjoyment if you are searching for some alternatives.


There are two types of plans,

  1. Free Content: You will not able to watch full webseries, however you can watch some of the available free content.
  2. Paid Content: Here you see multiple domains. Hope understood difference between paid and free content of Ullu Application.

This Application is bringing very good content, which is again enjoyed by almost every subscribers. You knew the plans available on this application, now it is upto you to choose best plan. And buy only if need the contents mentioned in this article.



Pricing is also better than other similar application available on Play Store. Gold Plan available for Rs 297/ Year. Which is again cheaper than any other similar applications.


Content Type

This application provides mostly content for adults, means content provided by this application is not suitable for people below 18. If you need entertainment which is similar as said earlier. Then you may download the application and enjoy the contents.

Ullu application is not good to see with your family . It is not a family entertainment application . It is an adult application. Don’t prefer this for families.


Should You Download

Now this totally depends on you and your choice. If you want to go one step ahead and enjoy unlimited content at only 297/ Year. Then yes you should download Ullu Application. You may also download and enjoy on trial basis. Which will help you to understand application and content available on the platform and in mean time you can take better decisions.


Ullu Application Revenue (As Per AFAQS.COM)

Charging subscribers for ‘edgy’ and ‘sleazy’ content. This is what the video-on-demand (VOD) platform Ullu is often accused of. The platform streams 18+ content and targets audiences on the back of shows that are often criticised as ‘obscene’.

Launched in December 2018, Ullu’s founder and CEO, film producer Vibhu Agarwal, says that there is nothing wrong in what it does and argues that it is not the only one.

The app has more than 10 million downloads on Google’s Play Store and operates on a subscription-based model. Unlike other OTT platforms, instead of commissioning producers to make content, Ullu follows a partnership model. The producers associate with the platform on a revenue sharing model.

Along with video content, Ullu has launched a music streaming service and will soon roll out its private label under which it would sell underwear and night suits.

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